Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions below:

How Does The Owner Portal Work?

The Owner's Portal provides you online access to your property data and financial information. Please review the information at this link to get a complete rundown.

What Are The Qualifications Of Our Property Manager?

Our property management team has a collective 75 years of experience in managing investment real estate. Each manager has an undergraduate degree and is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate. We can help you get the maximum return from your investment, guide you in determining when and how you should "move up" or "move out" of your investment. Mike Whittemore, CCIM has thirty years of investment real estate experience and can provide guidance concerning Section 1031 tax deferred exchanges and moving up the real estate investment "chain". Contact Mike at 19-884-8844 or email him.

How Do You Screen Tenants?

The first step in screening prospective tenants is to ensure positive identification - we review Driver's License, Military or Government ID, Passport, etc. Each prospective tenant is required to complete a detailed rental application either online or on paper. We require specific credit information and after an initial screening prospective tenants are required to agree to and pay for a comprehensive tenant screening Credit Report.

Our screening reports are provided through Experian and include credit, criminal, and tenant reported information. See a typical Experian report here. No system is perfect but we do our best to thoroughly vet each prospective tenant prior to executing a rental agreement.

What Type Of Rental Agreement Do You Use?

We use the California Association of Realtors©(CAR) Rental Agreement and Addendum's as required. CAR forms are available to us online and are updated frequently to ensure compliance with CA Landlord-Tenant Law. All tenant disclosure - both mandatory and advisory - are also provided. Through the CAR facility we can allow prospective tenants to complete and sign their rental agreements electronically as well as traditional "hard copy and ink" methods.

How Do You Handle Property Maintenance?

All property maintenance is assigned to qualified independent contractors. These contractors run the gamut from General Contractors through independent handymen or handywomen. We have been in business since 1986 and over these almost three decades have developed good relationships with many contractors who can provide services in every area of property maintenance and renovation. Our goal is to always get the right vendor on the job at a reasonable price who will get the work done quickly, efficiently, and right the first time. We never "mark up" or profit from our maintenance efforts in any way.

How Do You Market Rental Properties?

We advertise on over 100 rental property "aggregator" web sites which means maximum exposure for your rental is just a click away. Where appropriate we also advertise in print media - but only where such advertising delivers cost effective results. We also include online listings of your property through our web site where owners and tenants can see them and tell their friends about them.

Every online site leads directly back to our listing database and provides prospective tenants the opportunity to schedule viewings online or through phone or texting contact, apply for the rental online, or to provide us with a "Guest Card" which indicates the type and characteristics of rentals they are interested in - these "Guest Cards" go direct to our online database where we can review and track them.

This All Sounds Great! How Do I Get You To Manage My Property?

That's easy. Contact Erin Miller via email or phone her at 619-405-8778. Erin will contact you to review your needs and set up an appointment so we can provide you with more details and get you "signed up" for great property management services!