Resident Frequently Asked Questions

What Forms Of Rent Payment Do You Accept?

Making rent payments has never been easier.  We currently offer the following methods to pay rent:

  1. Credit Card – pay online with a credit or debit card (Convenience Fees May Apply)
  2. E-Check – set up recurring payments to be taken out monthly by the bank account of your choice.  
  3. Electronic Cash Payment – visit any 7-Eleven or Ace Cash Express location to pay your rent
  4. Personal check

What are the procedures for reporting maintenance issues?

Maintenance issues need to be reported immediately to minimize any future property damages. Failure to report a maintenance issue may result in monetary charges deducted from tenant security deposit. To submit a non-emergency maintenance request, go to your Resident Portal and submit a an online request. In an emergency take appropriate action - if life or property is endangered call 911. Otherwise contact Trident Pacific's emergency response agent via our telephone emergency selection. Be sure to provide your property address and a contact phone number!

What Are The Procedures For Giving A Notice to Vacate?

You must submit your 30 day notice in writing and send it via mail or email or bring it to our office. All parties on the lease agreement must sign the 30 day notice to vacate. We are obligated by law to make a "best efforts" attempt to find a new tenant immediately. However if you are vacating the property prior to the end of your lease term you may be liable for rent payments until the end of your lease. Always contact us if you need or want to move before the end of your lease so we can do our best to eliminate any extra expense you may be subject to.

What Do I Do If I Have A Problem With My Neighbor?

If an issue arises with your neighbor, please contact our office by phone or email. We may need you to document the problem in writing. We can't operate as law enforcement. If the issue is law enforcement related please call the local police department number or 911 as appropriate.

I'd like to add a pet to our household. Or I'd like to delete or change a pet in our lease. What do I do?

Many of our properties are pet friendly. Contact Heather or Erin to discuss your needs.

Do Trident Pacific Leases Require Renter's Insurance?

If we could require Renter's Insurance we would! When amazingly destructive wild fires struck San Diego County, we had a tenant who chose to ignore our advice to obtain a Renter's policy. All of his personal property was destroyed in fast moving fire - classic autos and motorcycles in his garage, furniture, personal belongings, clothing - everything. No Renter's Insurance and no coverage. We emphasize to new Resident's that the Owner's insurance policies seldom cover any Resident losses - that's what Renter's Insurance is for. It's reasonably priced and when you need it, invaluable. We can help you find the right insurer for you.